Vitae Distillery Cycling Cap

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A former Professor of Microbiology at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine, Ian Glomski, the founder of Vitae Distillery, has had a profound fascination for over twenty years for microbes and how they sculpt our macroscopic world. An experienced brewer, winemaker, cheesemaker, meat curer, kefir culturer, veggie pickler, wild mushroom forager, and infectious disease specialist, anything having to do with microbes turns him on; having trained at the Pasteur Institute of Paris, founded by the father of modern fermentation Louis Pasteur.

With all of his experience constructing and running medical microbiological research laboratories under his belt, a deep involvement with his family’s wine businesses in Arizona, and a voracious appetite for luxury libations, for Ian distillation is a perfect match.  

Vitae Spirits Distillery prides themselves on taking basic raw ingredients and turning them into faithful expressions of their botanical origins, and they take the crafting of their spirits as seriously as we take the crafting of our caps, which is why we're pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them in the making of this classic cotton cap.

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