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Our cycling caps earn their reputation for quality and function because they are created with the individual cyclist in mind. Our cycling caps global popularity has allowed us to expand production while still keeping our cycling caps handmade in the United States. Our customers are raving about the fit, fashion and function our cycling caps provide at a remarkable value.

We take great pride in pleasing our customers. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and your feedback is welcome. We strive to make a cycling cap that is right for you. We offer custom colors, fabrics and embroidery to fit your individual needs or those of an entire cycling club.

Our cycling caps are made from durable fabric in a variety of colors, are comfortable and completely washable.

The customer-friendly price makes it possible to own one in every color and for every occasion.


Walz Caps offers a perfect fit guarantee on all caps we stock.

Our guarantee ensures that each cap is individually handmade with care. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of you cap, send it back for a full refund or for a custom-made cap to your exact measurements - all for no additional cost. Call us at 760-683-WALZ (9259) or email us at info@walzcaps.com if you need to take us up on the offer.

Styles and Materials

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Walz Caps has been proudly featured in:
Bicycling MagazineOutside Go MagazineWend Magazine

road.cc Review

Pedal Powered

"The Walz oozes retro cool with a fair degree of comfort and practicality...

...Verdict - A well designed and likeable cap combining style and function."

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bike radar Review

The World is for Riding

"...the use of different materials and cuts for a refined and hip look...

...fit generously and continue to hold their shape after several months of wear and washing."

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about.com Review

About.com (Bicycling)

"Once you've seen the cycling caps made by Walz Caps, you'll likely find there's no going back to the days when you wore nothing underneath your helmet....

...Fun, affordable and very, very cool, these cycling caps are perfect, even if you don't think of yourself as a cap-wearer."

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CNN Made in USA List

CNN.com (July 2012 - CNN Living)

Walz Caps is proudly listed on CNN. "Made in America: The short list". Excerpt:

The slow death of American manufacturing and the trend toward outsourcing overseas has made it hard to find American-made goods, but not impossible. A host of small businesses are still dedicated to manufacturing goods in America, and, thanks to a few diligent bloggers, they're easier than ever to find.

"Buying Made in USA is not just a passing trend. It truly is something we as consumers, business owners and even government can do to support small to mid-size businesses," said Julie Reiser, president and co-founder of Made in USA Certified, which audits supply chains for businesses that want their products to bear their seal.

"Small businesses are responsible for two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. We need these small to mid-size businesses to flourish and grow as they are our innovators, our makers and job creators. Making it in America, supporting U.S. manufacturing and buying American is one thing we can all do today to help keep the American dream alive and well."

Here's a short list of websites and Facebook groups dedicated to helping consumers find products made in the United States, along with a few brands known to manufacture most or a substantial portion of their goods stateside. Read the list and help us grow it by adding your suggestions in the comments.

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