• Man wearing cap looking forward.  Text: "American Made Cycling Caps" and "The best you will ever wear guaranteed!"
  • Two cyclists on a country road in the fall, wearing long sleeve merino wool jerseys.  Product images of the merino wool jerseys also super-imposed on the main image.
  • Man leaning forward on a bike wearing sunglasses and a walz cap.  Text: Modern Fit. Classic Style.

    Modern Fit. Classic Style.

  • Bearded man with hounds-tooth cap and text: Classic Wool Cycling Caps and Keep Warm on Cold Day Rides!

Modern Fit. Classic Style.

An American Original

Our cycling caps have earned a reputation for quality and function because they are handmade with care in the USA with the individual cyclist in mind. Our cycling caps' global popularity has allowed us to expand production while still keeping our cycling caps handmade in the United States. Our customers rave about the fit, fashion and function our cycling caps provide at a remarkable value.

We take great pride in pleasing our customers. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed and your feedback is welcome. We strive to make a cycling cap that is right for you. We offer custom colors, fabrics and embroidery to fit your individual needs or those of an entire cycling club.

Our cycling caps are made from durable fabric in a variety of colors, are comfortable and completely washable. The customer-friendly price makes it possible to own one in every color and for every occasion.