Building a Better Cap

So, what makes a Walz Cap superior to any other cap? We're glad you asked! We would like to think our quick wit and good looks was enough to make you buy our caps; but heck, any super model can sell a cycling cap! What sets our caps apart is that we go above and beyond in quality, materials, design, and service.

Quality: Job #1

Our quality starts with the materials we select. Our quality is seen in our attention to detail on every cap we assemble. And most importantly, our quality is felt in the way our caps fit perfectly on your head. Sewing each cap in California ensures the highest level of quality control so that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Materials: Nothing But the Best

Moisture Wicking – Disco didn't die and neither will polyester, but this isn't your grandma's polyester. Our 100% double circular knit moisture wicking polyester is a breathable mesh that allows airflow to keep you dry and comfortable. Our moisture wicking fabric is so light and comfortable, that you'll forget you're even wearing it on your head. But don't worry, all the envious looks and wolf whistles will remind you that your cap not only wicks sweat but looks great too.

Cotton – Our 100% sanded/brushed cotton material provides a durable lightweight feel that is virtually indestructible. Okay, maybe we didn't take a blowtorch to it or throw it in the blender, but we feel confident that this fabric holds up on even the toughest rides and will endure years of abuse. Machine wash and dry (don't be afraid to do it often, your better half will thank you) and your cap is good as new.

Wool - Our 100% wool flannel is a medium weight (10 – 12 ounces), which is soft and smooth on your head and can be worn under the helmet during all seasons of the year. Our wool isn't scratchy or stuffy like some wool and just might be as comfortable as your favorite sweater. You will also find an ever changing selection of tropical weight and worsted wool caps based on the season and our mood.

Eco-friendly – For the tree huggers among us (yours truly included), we offer a variety of materials made from natural items such as hemp, bamboo or other interesting items that can be wrangled into fabric. This line of fabrics does our very small part in reducing the environmental footprint in both the production of the material and landfill waste.

Design: Thoughtful & Useful

Three panel or four panel: That is the question! Whether tis nobler...okay, enough Shakespeare but the question is a good one. Many of our customers are curious about the difference between our three-panel and four-panel caps, but it really boils down to your style preference. Our three-panel cap has two side panels and one panel that runs from the front of your head to the back, which usually incorporates a racing stripe. Our four-panel cap provides a more traditional look. Both designs fit comfortably under a helmet, make you look super fly and you always ride faster no matter which one you choose.

The right sweatband: Ride hard and you're going to sweat. Whether you "lightly perspire" or "sweat buckets", our one-inch moisture wicking sweat band stitched in each of our caps will provide comfort while wicking sweat and drying quickly. In addition to being an exceptional way to help keep sweat, grit, and even rain out of your eyes, our sweatband is made from the highest quality material and will not come un-sewed or bunch against your forehead.

The right bill: 
Creating a bill is more of a science than you would think. Our cycling cap bills are sized and shaped to provide the maximum amount of protection from sun, rain, snow, meteorites and other elements, while not obstructing your view. Made from a washable fabric stabilizer won't disintegrate like cardboard (bleh) or crack like plastic (yuck). As an added bonus, the material folds nicely without creasing so you can stuff your cap in a jersey pocket when not needed. Neat-o!

Customer Service + Correct Sizing = Perfect Fit

From pinheads to melon heads or those in between, we've got a cycling cap that will fit. Unlike most cycling cap manufacturers we offer two sizes: small/medium and large/extra large (see our size chart below for all the details). If our two sizes don't fit, you can even return the cap and order an extra small or extra, extra large and in the blink of an eye (well, maybe a week or two) we will ship it out to you.