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PEZ Cycling News Raves About Walz Posted on 3 Oct 06:32

Video Review of Walz Build-a-Cap. It's a fact: Walz Caps are trusted worldwide by cyclists who are are serious about performance, comfort, and quality.

Thanks to PEZ for the great review! Be sure to check out for a ton of great info on gear, cycling in general, and races.

A Premium Cycling Cap? You Better Believe it. Posted on 18 May 08:43

Check out the latest review of Walz Caps including our Build-a-Cap Technical Cap, the Dodge Fast Cap, and our super-popular Velo/City cap — from Locked In... They confirm what we always knew: there are a ton of options for cycling caps out there... but "You get what you pay for!"

A Good Kid's Cap is Hard to Find! Posted on 10 Nov 14:11

Nice! Our "Buckaroo" Kids Cap is covered by!

"As a mother of a boy, they don’t have as many accessories as girls do. They don’t have bows and headbands but they do have caps. Noah has been wearing hats since he was a baby. I think that caps on babies and kids is so cute. I think it gives them a sense of style. It also keeps their heads warm.

One of my favorite memories is when Noah and my brother in law had matching caps. Noah wasn’t able to see though.  It can be hard to find caps that fits your child’s head. It’s important that they can see where they are going while wearing it. It’s cute to wear a big hat, think Fievel from American Tail, but it’s not quite practical. While there are kids’ caps, not all of them are good quality nor are they cute. I have seen some ugly kids caps in the past.  An excellent quality stylish cap can be hard to find."


Read the full review of the Walz-Brand "Buckaroo" Kids Cap here.

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