2016 Holiday Cycling Gift Guide

The Definitive Bicycle Holiday Gift Guide from Walz. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! It's our favorite time of the year -- except for the start of the Tour in July -- and love the chance to roll out our newest wool cycling caps each fall. Below we've added an array of our favorite cycling-themed gifts including bikes, bottles, and some of the best apparel you'll ever wear.

Bikes We Love

Bike Gift Christmas GuideWorksman. Starting at $369. We're all so caught up in our lightweight carbon frames and high-tech gear, it can be easy to forget the joy of a good old-fashioned cruiser. Bikes are, after all, great vehicles for running errands and the short, lazy Sunday afternoon ride to visit a friend. Our favorite in this category? Easy. It's the Worksman Classic American Cruiser. Still built in the USA -- heck, New York City! -- and made to last. Starting at $369, why look anywhere else?

Stinner Frameworks. Offered at $2595 for frame and fork. We had a chance to first meet this crew at NAHBS a few years ago and immediately recognized their commitment to design, crisp aesthetic, and perfect fabrication. It's no wonder they're lightin' it up on Instagram daily. Given the price range, it's the opposite end from the Worksman noted above, but you're probably not hoppin' on your Stinner to go grab a quart of milk, either. Our current favorite from their line? The Gibralter. There are many fine steel frame builders out there, but Stinner does it right. The Gibralter starts at $2595 which we suspect is worth every penny.

Gift Guide for Bicycles CyclistMadsen Bikes.
 Available for $1975. Need to move an entire crew? Here's the ticket. A bike from Madsen will let you haul the kids, your luggage, your groceries, and maybe even the kitchen sink. The Madsen is a smart design with plenty of cargo space and built like a tank. That's a compliment. According to Madsen: "The 40 gallon cargo/passenger bucket comes equipped with seatbelts for four and removable seating . A new custom MADSEN saddle, integrated locking system, SRAM X5 derailleur and 9-Speed shifter, Tektro Eclipse front disc brake, newly designed 1 1/8” custom threadless stem, and freshly engineered rear dropout are just a few of the components that make your new MADSEN as tough as it is elegant."

Cycling Jerseys We Love

DannyShane. Made in USA starting at $159. First and foremost, DannyShane leads the pack in DannyShane Gift Guide Holiday Bicyclehigh-end cycling apparel. Known for their proprietary Bamboo White Ash poly blend, DannyShane has focused on classic styles and patterns including their trademark tartan collection. In addition, DannyShane carries a wide variety of active lifestyle polos, caps, jackets, and urban cycling gear. Performance jerseys range from $139 to $159. Most new styles of DannyShane jerseys are proudly sewn in the USA. Hands down, the most comfortable cycling gear you'll ever wear.

Sawyer Adventure Club.
 $119 for our favorites, the Thatch Pro and Archery Adventure. Simply beautiful design work in black, charcoal, and hot neon green, we really appreciate the classy repeated patterns from the Sawyer crew. They've also joined the clever water bottle game with their re-imagining/parody of a Pabst can meant to hold your not-so-delicious warm water.

La Classica. €139.00 An Italian brand with the same clean lines as Rapha without all the marketing. We prefer the "Extra Light" Jersey. Or as La Classic puts it: "Spring and summer are full of changes and of the desire to start discovering the world again on your bike. The La Classica Extra Light Sweater has the soul of the spring. Its delicate and refined melange is a tribute to a pure and simple style, natural and special."

An Honorable Mention. We are proud to introduce our own Made-in-USA line of premium wool cycling jerseys this winter. Made to withstand repeated commuter punishment, our "Annata" and "Forma" Pro jerseys are everything you'd expect from a Walz product: durable, dependable, and pretty nice lookin', too, if we do say so.

Cycling and Velo/City Caps

Walz Wool Cap. Trusted by commuters who brave the most frigid conditions, our line of classic wool cycling caps now comes with full interior technical/wicking lining. These are really nice caps and, of course, guaranteed to exceed your expectations on fit, fabric, and function.

Walz Velo/City Collection. Hands down the hit of the season, our Velo/City collection is perfect for off the bike -- you do get off the bike occasionally, right? -- and will go well with a pair of jeans or a peacoat... or both. It's time; retire that ratty ballcap and get a little class, would ya? Check 'em out.

Build-a-Cap Gift Cards. Yes, this is the perfect gift for the impossible recipient, Virginia. That cyclist who already has eight bikes, 4 helmets, every club jersey, and already subscribes to Peloton Magazine? Get them a Build-a-Cap gift card and let 'em design their own lid.

Water Bottles & Cycling Art We Love

Spurcycle. $12 a pop. Super fun, another great product from the folks at Spurcycle. We all know they make a perfect bike bell, but mayo we suggest their condiment line of water bottles? Available in red ketchup, yelllow mustard, and green relish.

Sawyer Adventure Club. $12 a pop. Pabst Blue Ribbon parody executed perfectly. Got a beer lover to get a gift for? This water bottle is the right gift.

Matthew Burton Signature Series. Both caps and canvas but the four piece canvas collection is pretty incredible. You've seen Matthew's illustrations in your favorite cycling publications, now you can hang 'em on your head or your wall. All four canvases are offered at $249 or $99 individually.