Custom Cap Order Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it better to sublimate or silkscreen?
A: It really depends on what type of material you'd like us to use for your caps. Sublimation can only be done on our pro-grade, 100% poly, moisture-wicking, technical material, while silkscreening can be done on either our cotton caps or technical fabric. Another factor is your design itself: If your design has numerous colors, or is highly intricate, then sublimation is not only a more cost-effective route, but doesn't have the print location limitations of silkscreening.

Additionally silkscreening (or screenprinting) is an ink, of sorts, that sits on top of the fabric surface and is tactile. The sublimation process, on the other hand, is a dye that cannot be felt on the material. Both are durable and washable. For reference, most cycling jerseys are sublimated, most t-shirt decorations are screenprinted/silkscreened.

Q: Will I have to pay the set-up costs on future orders?
A: Only for silkscreen orders. Because we don't have the physical space to store every screen we create, we do charge 1/2 the original set-up fee for silkscreened jobs. The $60.00 set-up fee for sublimation or $60.00 logo digitizing fee for embroidery are one-time only costs.

Q: What are your shipping costs for custom orders?
A: Domestic shipments cost $15.00 per 100 caps.  International shipments cost $60.00 per 100 caps (USPS Priority Mail).

Q: Will you help us with artwork/design?
A: Absolutely. 1/2 hour design time is included in the set-up costs. We do charge $55/hr for design time above and beyond the first 1/2 hour, but we are always glad to help.

Q: Do you offer private-label services?
A: What's wrong, you don't like us? Yes, of course, we would be happy to leave our labels off and sew your labels in at no additional costs.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity for custom caps?
A: Besides making what we believe are probably the best caps in the world, we also offer one of, if not, the lowest minimum order quantity in the business. Just 6 caps gets you started for silkscreen or sublimation, and just 12 caps for embroidery.

Q: What are your payment terms for custom orders?
A: We do ask for payment in full at the time you place your custom order. We accept any major credit card, or we can send you a PayPal invoice.

Q: I have more questions. How do I ask you more questions?
A: Give us a call at 800-765-6277 or drop a line to Or, check our General FAQ page.

Q: Can I get a basic price quote on caps before ordering?
A: Sure! Click here to get a specific quote based on your quantity and timeline or click here for our online price sheet.