"Daphne" Technical Kids Cap

$ 29.99

ALERTCurrently in Production, Ships within 1 Week [Shipping Note]

Drop the vivid color palette from early 1980s Saturday morning cartoons right onto your kid's head. Our "Daphne" cap will fit comfortably under a helmet, of course, but it's also great for runnin' around at the playground, kickin' the can, or pumpin' your legs on the swingset. Oh, sure, it was our evil plan to appeal to your nostalgia in order to sell more of these awesome lil' lids... and if it wasn't for these meddling kids, we would have gotten away with it, too!

One Size: Fit ages 3½ to 9 yrs. w/ max head measurement of 19½" around.

Just imagine your super-cute kid in this super-cute cap exclaiming popular phrases like "Dad, Danny punched me!" and "Tag, you're it!" while repeatedly asking, "Are we there yet?" The "Daphne" comes in technical wicking material -- just like the real pros wear -- with Walz-Brand tag and technicolor graphics.

Hey, gang, let's get outta here and fast!