The "Collegiate" Fast Cap Cotton 3-Panel Orange Stripe Cap. Angled view.
The "Collegiate" Fast Cap Cotton 3-Panel Orange Stripe Cap. Brim up front view.
Man wearing collegiate fast cap.
Back view of man wearing collegiate fast cap.
Man working on a bike wearing the collegiate fast cap.

The "Collegiate" Fast Cap

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Deep ash twill, the "Collegiate" Fast Cap recalls the pressed cuff of your pop's 1980's "I'm serious, champ" three-piece suit. And since orange, of course, isn't always for gators, we made sure to include a bold, autumn racing stripe so you'll look the part even off the bike.

Still recognized as the cap of choice among serious cyclists, our classic 3-panel style is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Available in three sizes and, as always, sewn with pride at our production facility in California.

Made in the USA: Why Our Caps Are Made Better!

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