WALZ Caps Reviews

We are proud to have been featured in magazines and websites including Bicycling Magazine, Outside Magazine, WEND, and the Continuous Lean 'American List.'

from road.cc - Pedal Powered:
"The Walz oozes retro cool with a fair degree of comfort and practicality...
...Verdict - A well designed and likeable cap combining style and function."

from BikeRadar.com - The World is for Riding:
"...the use of different materials and cuts for a refined and hip look...
...fit generously and continue to hold their shape after several months of wear and washing."

from About.com (Bicycling):
"Once you've seen the cycling caps made by Walz Caps, you'll likely find there's no going back to the days when you wore nothing underneath your helmet....
...Fun, affordable and very, very cool, these cycling caps are perfect, even if you don't think of yourself as a cap-wearer."

from Outside Magazine:

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