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New York Times Reports: "Cycling Caps Return as a Fashion Statement" Posted on 1 Jun 00:00

From September 2, 2015: "Caps emblazoned with 'Brooklyn' have spread globally. Surprisingly, those ubiquitous hats, made by the bike company Giordana, are products of Italy. Brooklyn Gum, an Italian brand, sponsored a racing team (now defunct) in the 1970s. And now that the borough is equated with artisanal mayonnaise and all things cool, the caps have proliferated like an invasive species."

Read the full article here.

Peloton Magazine Test Drives Walz Build a Cap! Posted on 12 May 09:28

Walz Caps Build a Cap technology recently caught the eye of the discerning folks at peloton magazine.

"Walz Caps has carved out a niche making beautiful cycling caps with a vintage look. They manage to capture a ‘newsie’ American flair, setting them apart from their European brethren, yet instantly recognizable as cycling caps." [read more]

Technical Build-a-Caps have arrived! Posted on 7 Apr 12:09

Personalized Individual Cycling CapSpring is here, and summer is right around the corner, the perfect weather for one of our lightweight, moisture-wicking technical cycling caps.  Far be it for us to decide what cap would look best on your head... so just like our cotton caps, we've decided to let you build you own!

So grab a chair, fire up you PC, pour another cup of your favorite beverage, get those creative juices flowing, and build the cap you've always wanted!  Click here to get started.